Monday, April 23, 2012


Egg-citing times for Easter, hunting for eggs with the neighborhood kids and then again with cousin Isla.

Hat whimsy!  With Poppy and Gordon!

Hey Isla, we're on a lake!  We'll have so much fun here!

Finally caught one of those pesky eggs.

Also, just as exciting, a weed.



We've got lots of material!  Here's a series of pictures that I love, atop Stone Mountain a couple weeks ago.   He's definitely our kid.  He LOVES to be outside!


Please.  Please, don't make me go.


Natural high

I'm coming for YOU!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sand: extra dietary fiber?

Easter weekend outing: Beaufort, NC to visit Christine & Jody!

First, a trip to Emerald Isle. Oliver was pretty excited about the ocean, but he was REALLY excited about the sand!
As long as I can eat that, you are welcome to bury my feet all day.
Also: look how amazingly good I am at sitting up!

This is SO much more water than I get to play with at bathtime.
The next day he got to paddle in the river. He was equally impressed despite the not-terribly-warm water. 

I'll be fine if you let go, honest. No face-planting or anything!
I think I'm ready for swimming.