Sunday, July 3, 2011

When We Become Three

Hi Friends and Family!

As most of you know by now, Rob and I are expecting a new addition on Halloween this year! We're both excited.

In answer to some frequently asked questions:

- I'm currently around 23 weeks pregnant (~5+ months). Officially due October 31, 2011.
- Yes, we were planning to start a family.
- So far, I've been lucky. Things have been going well. Minimal nausea.
- We'll wait until delivery to find out the gender.
- Rob has been fantastic!

Here are some pictures in case you want to see how the little person is growing.

12 weeks

20 weeks
- While most of these made our tiny person look like a gargoyle, I think this one looks a little like Rob

The view from outside ~22 weeks, while hiking at Mt. Ranier Park

In preparation for the big changes to come, we've been busy. I had my PhD qualifying exam in May (and passed!), which means I'm officially done with coursework for my program. Just that pesky dissertation to start now.

Rob finished painting the exterior of our house, dramatically transforming it from battleship gray to a gorgeous rich red. He also painted the guest room (soon-to-be nursery) last summer while I was in Malawi. (Note my many convenient excuses for not being able to help with the painting)

We've also been trying to have some fun before we become three. We joined Rob's family last month on a 10 day sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands. It was amazing!

Soon after, I went to Seattle for 2.5 weeks for a nerdy conference. Rob went to San Diego for a training where he was also able to hang out with Philip for a couple days. He then joined me in Seattle to wander around Whidbey Island, Mt Ranier park and Mt. St. Helen's.

Some pictures from Mt. St. Helen's

We hope to do some more fun things before the end of October...including visiting friends and family in Maine, NYC and New Hampshire.

Hope to see you soon!
Rob and Sabrina

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