Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Ollie is walking!

He hasn't been on the fast track for any milestone, which is more than fine by us, as long as they happen.  He's more of a calculated risk kind of guy.  Once he knows he'll be able to do it, he just does it.  None of this messing about, trying and falling stuff.  When he started crawling, he had only just figured out how to sit himself up and then once that happened, he just went.  No commando style, none of that modified crab walk crawling.  Just plain old crawling...when he was absolutely ready.

It was the same way with walking.  He started out being pretty stable standing, so we encouraged him to take a couple steps, which he reluctantly would do, but more often than not, he would just sit himself down and crawl.  Rather than walk, he started to do some knee skating.  This allowed him to a) not walk and b) carry stuff around with him.  He got pretty good at it!

Knee Skating
Then, the day after Christmas, we were putting his pajamas on in his room and he just took off--all the way across the room!  And that was that.  Here's a demonstration on New Year's Day.  

New Year's Day was a bit dreary here, weather-wise, but Ollie passed the time with a bit of reorganization.  He spent quite a lot of time taking cat food out of a bag and relocating it under the bench.  We repacked the bag after he was done each time and he'd start over.  He clearly inherited his dad's compulsion to organize.

Everything in its place!
Very pleased with himself!

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