Monday, October 17, 2011

Slz Pregnant? I had no idea.

Slz would like me to pull my weight (which is now slightly less than hers) and describe what this whole growing-a-baby experience has been like for me. Now, as Sabrina pregnant is remarkably like the rest of the US population on a better-than-average day (slightly rounder than you would expect, with an elevated fondness for ice cream) there isn’t really much to tell. She has had disappointingly few pica incidents – I have not had to hide the potting soil, the paint, or the wood glue – and apart from the occasional fourth breakfast by 10:30 a.m. she generally keeps the foraging to a dull roar.

The more entertaining aspects of Sabrina pregnant are:

  • Use of the baby containment vessel as a shelf: useful for glasses of water and extra food she might want later
  • Extensive discussion with the baby, which from the other room simply sounds like she’s lost the ability for an internal monologue; of course, I'd probably converse with something that was kicking the living daylights out of me from the inside, too
  • Proprioception: the baby containment vessel is MUCH bigger than Sabrina thinks, and as a result gets in the way A LOT – I have learned not to attempt a side-to-side pass in the hall lest I end up a permanent part of the plasterwork
  • Baby Ate My Brain: she does have a tendency to forget everything from her name on down and blame the baby, which is obviously going to be a genius

These diversions aside, Sabrina has been shockingly easy to be around for the last 38 weeks. Until about a month ago she rode her bike every day, which is more than I manage! It’s possible that our good friend Grey has been more affected by the pregnancy (lavish displays of excitement about the baby and extensive nesting).

As for us parent-type people, we’re pretty excited about the new addition. Clearly we have no idea about the terror that is about to be unleashed on our lives, but maybe knowing you’re not ready is preferable to thinking you are!

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