Monday, January 2, 2012

A Lucky Muppet

So, we're crazy about this kid.  He's been a dream.

Thankfully, he's also lucky enough to be loved by many, many others.  This week, I'll put up some evidence of all the love.

We'll start with pre-birth loving from the baby shower.  Some very generous friends and family threw a shower for us at Alan and Mary's house, in their lovely garden.

Adorable orange owl pinata.  So cute!
Tim, Alan and Anna set up the amazing spread of brunch foods.

Heather and Krankin prep the activity tables
Such a lovely day!

Finland gives it's expectant mothers an exciting starter package containing the stuff below.  You can read more about this here and here.

While the US government offers nothing comparable, thankfully, our wonderful family and friends got Oliver set up with all that he might need!  Here are some photos of what our people created for him at the baby shower:
All of the handmade concoctions!

Krankin's masterpieces, including a cat "costume" to trick Oliver's grandmothers into
thinking he was a cat--to ensure they'd be interested!

This is how we remind Oliver about Uncle Phil.
For learning about animals.
Cathy's helpful reminder to keep bird flu away from the baby.

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